Want to share a custom Wishlist with others?

It’s simple to do! You can either just select the item you want with the customized settings for the size, garment color and House Letters and then click on the  add-to-wishlist  button to add the item to your custom Wishlist.  Or you can click here and create multiple Wishlists.

You can then pick and choose which item you want to go to each Wishlist as you shop–simple, right?

When you are finished updating your Wishlist, click on the “My Wishlist” located on the bottom left footer of each page.

You can then just copy and paste the link provided into a personal email to your friends.

Here is an example of the Wishlist link:  https://greekspirit.org/my-lists/view-a-list/?wlid=15537

Your family and friends can either click on the link when they receive it, or they can paste it into their web browser to access your custom Greek Spirit Wishlist and select the specific item(s) from your Wishlist!

Remember, you can also paste this same link in your Twitter or Facebook accounts!